Gregory T. Benz, Benz Technology International, Inc
Author of “Agitator Design for Gas-Liquid Fermenters and Bioreactors” and “Agitator Design Technology for Biofuels and Renewable Chemicals”

“As a consultant in the field of fluid agitation, I need robust software to handle complex mixing calculations in an efficient manner. I have been using KaeMix software for some time now. One example is for aerobic fermenter design. With this software, I can quickly calculate power draw under gassed conditions in the pilot scale and thereby fit a mass transfer correlation to the data, as well as scale-up to an appropriate full-scale design. I have been using it for alternative proteins such as cow-free dairy products and cultured meat. I also use it to predict dead areas in non-Newtonian fluids with a yield stress, as well as more ordinary applications, typically in the food and biofuels area. I have found this software to be a more capable analytical tool than those I have used owned by major fluid agitation equipment manufacturers. I highly recommend it.”