Dr. Domenico Marchese, Managing Director, OPERA Consulting

     “At OPERA Consulting we specialize in the design of food processing factories and related applications. We recently started using KaeMix during a project that involved the design of a facility to produce pectin from citrus peel. We used KaeMix to design the mixers for several of the processing vessels. KaeMix was very convenient to use. It saved us a lot of time on the agitator designs. We’re very pleased with the software as well as the support and recommend it without hesitation.”

John R. Hannon PhD, Chief Operating Officer, Vertimass LLC

     “I found KaeMix very easy to learn and use. It calculates all the important process parameters that I use when evaluating mixing equipment. The large variety of impeller types available is particularly helpful. The fact that it gives you answers right away, without having to wait for long simulations to complete, makes KaeMix especially useful when you are under time pressure to complete a design. As a specialist in biofuels and fermentation, I’ve found KaeMix to be a great addition to my software toolbox.”

Gregory T. Benz, Benz Technology International, Inc
Author of “Agitator Design for Gas-Liquid Fermenters and Bioreactors” and “Agitator Design Technology for Biofuels and Renewable Chemicals”

     “As a consultant in the field of fluid agitation, I need robust software to handle complex mixing calculations in an efficient manner. I have been using KaeMix software for some time now. One example is for aerobic fermenter design. With this software, I can quickly calculate power draw under gassed conditions in the pilot scale and thereby fit a mass transfer correlation to the data, as well as scale-up to an appropriate full-scale design. I have been using it for alternative proteins such as cow-free dairy products and cultured meat. I also use it to predict dead areas in non-Newtonian fluids with a yield stress, as well as more ordinary applications, typically in the food and biofuels area. I have found this software to be a more capable analytical tool than those I have used owned by major fluid agitation equipment manufacturers. I highly recommend it.”